Tuesday, January 13, 2004

my hands are shaking as I apply a fresh coat of lacquer to my nails. My husband got me a very nice gift for our tenth: a white diamond and yellow sapphire ring. Ab fab. I've wanted something nice with yellow stones for ever so. Anyway, excited about picking it up in a wee bit, and want hands to look purty. Thanks bb.

I wonder if you can tell when you start smelling old? My breath has been really bad (to me) lately, but my husband says he can't smell it. But that's just bad breath, not old smell, thank the big-tittied goddesses for that. You know when old people have a certain smell? Perhaps it's less attention to oily areas like the ears because they are old and not likely to need them properly cleaned for a good nibbling session, or maybe it's because arthritic joints don't allow for a wide enough range of movement to scrub all areas. Hmph. My policy is that if we can put a man on the fucking moon, there must be enough products to ensure that my naturally curly hair looks great at all times and that I smell good, dammit! My imagination works overtime. I see brilliant period costume dramas and imagine how rotten the real people would have smelled. Ew. Kinda spoils it for me. Just think of it: people in early England probably smelled as revolting as, well, modern-day France. If some major life altering event occurred, the survivors of North America would have a major adjustment to a lo-tech existence which might limit access to personal flower-smelling products. Heavens to Betsy! I am as adamant about smelling good as the next person, but we've crossed some nefarious line when maxi pads and garbage bags have fragrances you can choose. I'll know we've arrived and can climb out of the handbasket when they market a pc with an aromatherapy feature. The little fan can blow out fragrance as it cools the brains of the operation.

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