Wednesday, January 14, 2004

An animal lover with 3 large dogs and 5 cats moved into the loft down the hall from mine. Heaven knows I adore my little bitch, but I do have my boundaries. When the new neighbor met my little terrier, she put her face up to my dog's and said in a 'tard voice "give me kisses," as my dog stared at her blankly. "She won't kiss me," the woman said and I just shrugged. From the earliest stages of puppyhood, I did not allow doglet to lick me in the face, and so it baffles her when she meets someone who has that expectation. It's funny to think someone might think my dog just is picky about who she licks in the face, rather the fact that I take a dim view of swapping spit with dogs.

Speaking of the doglet--she humps legs--isn't that peculiar for a spayed female dog? Because she is small I have tolerated more bad behavior from her than I would have of a larger dog. She never has accidents in the apartment, and she is sweet and cuddly. I have learned not to leave the apartment with pungent things in the trash, because she will disgorge the can of its contents. Recently, a friend came over and apparently left a soiled tampon in my bathroom trash. That evening I was puzzled to find the bathroom dustbin toppled and its contents scattered. All became clear when several days later doglet struggled a la childbirth to poop, and finally produced a turdpon. After a protracted struggle, the offending tampon fairly leapt from her arse only to dangle gracefully by the string for an instant, at last falling earthward. THAT is why one should not allow dogs to lick them in the face.

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