Thursday, January 29, 2004

A few words on harmonica pedagogy. the Who. I never got that. The Kids are Alright is on IFC and Roger Daltrey is performing a lewd act on a harmonica, eyes rolling up to make contact with the audience, but instead having the effect of the rolling eyes of a stuck hog hanging from a tree branch and bleeding dry. Erm, uh. Not sexy. I'll give Pete Townsend the benefit of a doubt for now, and use this opportunity to bring up the Uber-icky Gary Glitter. Now Gary wrote some great stuff, but what a perv! Not good, yummy perv, but revolting, wildly un-sexy perv. He was actually thrown out of Cambodia for perversion. Child-sex tourism is common in Cambodia, so I'm wondering--just what exactly does one have to do to be called perverse by the Cambodian government??? On second thought--I don't want to know.

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