Thursday, August 20, 2015

...and it's not even 9:00 AM yet. :)

I have 4 days until school starts, and they must be productive. One little nagging task I've been putting off is taking a puppy-shredded pillow case and cobbling together a smaller case from the remnants. I have a little barley hull pillow I sleep with that needs a smaller case, but I only have two. This project took less than 30 minutes, and I just used the tan thread in me bobbin. 

One of the rectangles was slightly larger, so I bloused in pleats at the center of the top, and also on one side so the ends met properly. This also accommodates some pouf to the pillow. 

I used the French seam technique so all raw edges are contained inside and none are exposed, which will hopefully result in enhanced longevity for the case. The rest of the fabric is for the scraps for future quilty/embellishment projects. This fabric is gorgeous. I sewed slowly to make edges stay in line, but I did not press or use pins, both of which would have resulted in cleaner, more knife-edge lines, but I'm happy- this feels nice, and is therefore good enough for sweet dreams. 

I took the final photo on a regular pillow for scale, and Chuy suggested the tableau would be more fetching with a bit of beefcake thrown in. 


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Old NFO said...

Nice work! :-)