Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A new chapter begins.

My darling niece left for boot camp today.

No longer the sweet little elfling with a nimbus of fuzzy reddish hair atop her head, she is 18 and stands nearly a foot taller than her old auntie now. 

I'll always treasure the times we had our Girlie Days, when I babysat her and we'd make a list at breakfast of all the fun things we would do that day. We explored world cuisines and she achieved proficiency with chopsticks at the ripe old age of three. We fed a lot of ducks. A lot. 

Now she's off in the world to plan her own lists of grand adventures. I hope she has much health and happiness, and that the world shows her all the best it has to offer. After all, my family is now sharing with the world the very best we have to offer, and it should respond in kind. 

Be safe and happy, dearest Chloe. You'll always be my Little Lamb. <3


Old NFO said...

Best wishes to her! And stand by for phone calls... :-)

Andi said...

Lovely photos! Wishing her all the very best, and I do anticipate she will have stories to share. :-)