Thursday, December 05, 2013

puppy luvvin' sees me through


Passed my Practicum yesterday. Not by a long shot, but by a comfortable enough margin NOT to call it a squeaker.

I had my Intro To Nursing test scheduled for today, but a winter storm came barreling through the area and university classes were scheduled as of 30 minutes before my class was to begin. I suppose they'll have to reschedule for next week. 

I have my HESI on Monday, which I dread.  At the end of the Practicum, the nurse gave me some tips for prepping for that, so I will spend some hours in preparation, as challenging as that may be.

Meanwhile, my house is a wreck and I'm trying to get my feathers smoothed from the extraordinary stress I've been under.  I was almost to campus today when I received an auto text notifying me of cancellation of classes.  Stopped by the market and bought a small turkey, some wine and ice cream-- all the essentials.  I hope to tackle some of the chaos in my house and get things a little better sorted on the home front.  We shall see.  It's very tempting to just snuggle up with the pups.  I've got the materials to make them each a little quilted jacket, so I'll probably have all three of them snugged up to my but while I embroider for hours at a time.  I may stop for naps.  I'll definitely be drinking a lot of coffee and tea. I'll probably run through the whole of my True Blood and Game Of Thrones DVDs. There will probably be at least one playing of Tombstone.

When I'm not listening/watching favorite DVDs, I'll be listening to my Pandora channel which I call "If It Ain't Baroque" which features lots of Telemann and oodles other wonderful instrumentals of the Baroque era. I'm thinking of dipping back a little earlier with some Purcell and Anonymous 4.  We shall see.

Ready for a snug long winter weekend all house-bound, and no end of projects to kill the time.  I sort of need this-- I'm wrung out from a grueling semester.  I'm scared of the possibility of having any more stressful time in school - I'm hoping this is the worst of it, because this is wearing me out! Above all, there shall be much cuddling of the puppies.  They need it, and I need it.  Glad to be home, safe and snug, and I'm glad that for the next glorious 4 days, there is nowhere but here that I have to be. Sweet peace.


Jennifer said...

Glad you are home safe and snug

The Old Man said...

Our micro doxy is 6.5 lbs and in need of a coat. Therefore I am in need of a pattern. Where would you suggest I find one? I'm pretty clueless, but if I can find a pattern that won't bind her I'll build it. Thanks - and Annie thanks you too.

Old NFO said...

Glad you got through it. Enjoy the down time!