Monday, December 09, 2013

Nervous stomach, suddenly. *in which your humble narratrix ruins a room

True story. My Fam health assessment final is in about 20 min. Big pressure. 


Stood in line at the coffee bar and at the last second felt queasy and took a bottled water instead. Say with classmates doing a quick chat-survey of test elements, when suddenly I knew I needed a bathroom for a rather rude event. 

Went to a less populous area of bldg for a private moment. Get into stall, place cover on toilet seat--
-- and in walks someone. I was so close to relief. I very nearly said
"I don't know who you are. I don't know what you came for. But what have is a certain set of skills."

Apparently she was just checking her look in the mirror and cleared out quickly so I could, uh, let go. 

I suppose part of being a nurse means that you sometimes have to do your business on the fly and with or without an audience. Still, one prefers privacy for those *ahem* contemplative moments.

My thought is that between the baby and geriatric years wherein one needs assistance to varying degrees, at no time is one more alone than when doing potty business. Incidentally, it becomes the time most likely to contemplate one's mortality. 

I can understand why dudes allegedly spend that time fiddling with themselves-- more pleasant than thinking of going into That Dark Night, whether gently or otherwise. 

This place stinks. I've gotta get out of here. 

File under: overshare

...aaaaaand I passed. Pulled a squeaker for this semester. Don't ever want to cut it this close again, but I'm relieved I won't have to repeat this class, because that's seemed a genuine possibility. 


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Congrats... and if you'd been in the military, the #2 would NOT have been an issue... :-)