Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Consider for a moment the majestic splendour of a 16# weenie dog running through the house and sliding for about 8 feet.

Breathtaking to consider, innit?

Sorry, it happens too fast for me to get a camera on the action.  Mochi is hilarious as she chases her siblings, miles of ear-leather real estate flapping gaily as she otter-lopes through the house.  She is the embodiment of joy, I think. 

Speaking of, the pups have given me a great deal of joy and comfort in general, and in particular in the past several months.  Himself aptly stated that the volume of information presented in Nursing school would best be likened to drinking water from a fire hydrant.  Indeed.   The sheer volume of material is daunting, to say the least.

I'm trying to get the house in order, and last night I started an arty sort of project. I have about 5 major projects back-burnered, so it was good to get my hands dirty with something purely creative last night.  I also need to sew some little doggie jackets for the pups, for Winter is coming.

Tonight is my Pathophysiology final.  I feel somewhat ready for that, but not too concerned.  More of a worry is my Practicum which is tomorrow afternoon. My lab partner has flaked out on all previous attempts to meet and rehearse our practicum, so I'll be meeting with someone else today. I also made an appointment with lab partner, but I expect her not to show up.  Flake.  I want this thing over with, but I want to do as well as possible, too.  She's been very difficult, so it's been frustrating to say the least.

In the mean time, I have the majesty of a fleet little dachshund and a Jack Russell and a chiweenie to give joy and smiles to my day.  Life is good, if a little stressful.  I'll take it. :)


Old NFO said...

It truly SUCKS when you get a bad partner... In school AND in life!

Keads said...

I've had bad lab partners as well. What NFO said!

Anonymous said...

I understand about the fire hose treatment, but you can see the light at the end of the tunnel now, so hopefully things keep going along well for you.

And I know how you feel about not having a camera that can just snap pictures or video at the drop of a hat. I had the same feeling as I watched the Siamese ride the Labrador across our living room a couple of weeks ago.