Friday, June 28, 2013

This is not paranoia, btw. I'm just being honest.

If the NSA had a recording of Trayvon Martin's swan song of a phone call, And if it proved Zimmerman to be a cold-blooded killer, I think that recording would already have mysteriously turned up somewhere in the public record.  I think they have a recording of that call, and I think it proves the opposite. 

On that score, consider the inane vapidity of most human exchanges via phone, text and email, and consider how soul-killing it would be to have to sift through all that data for the paydirt. What an insulting and steaming pile that things should have come to this pass. I at least take some satisfaction at the sheer volume of photographs of bowel movements they must have to have come across. 

On that score: poop! Poop!  Poop! Poopidoop!

This makes my love of shoes and perfume appear noble and lofty in comparison. 


Old NFO said...

LOL< you're on a roll today... :-)

Evyl Robot Michael said...

OMG! That makes me want to start texting poop pictures for the chance at trolling the NSA!

Jennifer said...

Dammit! Now I've got to clean my monitor again.

Roscoe said...

Maybe not the audio, but someone definitely has the tracking data on the locations of the various parties' cell phones accurate to a couple of meters. I'm guessing that the deceased was doing a lot more than buying Skittles that night.

The shame of the situation is that it became about race. The HOAs in Florida are out of control in a declining market with thugs and Hitler wannabes desperately trying to preserve property values of houses they couldn't afford in the first place.