Thursday, November 01, 2012

I love that some grandpa is playing Public Image, Ltd for his granddaughters

Going to see PiL in Dallas Thursday night.  A couple of ladies from my old posse are going to be there.  WHEEEEE!  Which wild shoes to wear?  I must wear wild shoes.  Is the law, after all.

I keep thinking what a hideously impractical thing this is.  After anatomy lab tonight, I'll go quick like a bunny to Dallas and straight to the show.  The fact that it's so impractical is probably the best argument for doing so.  If someone will keep the emergency phone for me, I'll stay in Dallas through Saturday night to go see Latonia in Aida.  I'm thinking I won't get lucky on the emergency phone, though. Alas. :(

Friday I see my orthodontist and my surgeon.  My hot pink elastics have faded to pale pink and I'm wondering what I ate that made them fade so dramatically?

Hmph.  Maybe I'll get black elastics this time. 

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Old NFO said...

Travel safe and enjoy the show!!!