Tuesday, November 08, 2011

plumb tuckered out.

I'm on a business trip and was so wound-up the night before that I hardly got any sleep. Got up and bustled about getting things ready, stepping over puppies. It's really hard to leave my little darlings. Went into the bathroom bleary-eyed and sleep-deprived about 5:45 Monday morning. Decided that would actually be the perfect time to tidy up my eyebrows with some waxing strips. (can you guess what is coming?) Apparently I was in precisely the wrong state to attempt any self-waxing and I mistakenly removed a regrettable swathe of my left eyebrow which I'd meant to keep. Thank goodness for brow-filler products, but still, would had preferred to keep one's brows intact, rather than to have to do the pencil-moustache version of an eyebrow.

Drove through torrential rains and then hit lots of gray misty weather, and the effect of the misty roadway coupled with extreme fatigue was soporific, to say the least. I managed not to nod off, but I did feel very, very sleepy. Then there's the lingering unpleasantness about the time change. Yuck. Going to bed Monday night about 8:30 PM, most likely. Going to try to get up early enough to wrestle my mane into submission, however futile the task may be.

Now I'm in a beautiful city in a nearby state in a pretty nice hotel room. After driving most of the day, I went to the local office here and met many colleagues who previously have only been voices on the end of the phone line. It's funny how my perception of some people on the phone skews dramatically with what they actually look like. One man, too, was precisely as I expected him to be-- and not in a good way. Will try to give you more content tomorrow, but for now I'm knackered.

Cheers, darlings!

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Old NFO said...

Travel safe, and looking forward to the 'reality' of the folks...LOL