Tuesday, November 29, 2011

1.5 years later, still experiencing thermostat rage

I don' t know what happened to distract me (new job? general house renovations, etc?), but in summer of last year I vowed to sashay out to the hardware store for a new thermostat. I have as yet to fulfill that vow, but about 4AM I awakened to a bloody boiling house. In winter, I generally keep the thermostat anywhere between 60 and 65 F. This keeps me comfortable and makes for a good temp for snuggling pups, and keeps me from getting hot if I bustle about the house.

The digital thermostat I have in now keeps re-setting itself to heat the house to 70, which is much too hot for my tastes. I'd already prepared for a cold night by putting on a down comforter and a large heavy blanket, plus installing after-burnered furballs in bed for area heating purposes. Praline sleeps by my feet (toasty!) and Chuy is always against by stomach or my back, so I'm pretty much covered for furry hot-water bottle style heat.

Anyway, I'm going to get the old manual toggle style thermostat, since this one clearly answers to Sauron, and no amount of fiddling on my part will compel it to do my bidding. Piece of crap. Yes. This one's going to be blown to bits on some upcoming range day.

...and speaking of range days... I'll be posting my view soon of a gorgeous holster from Dragon Leatherworks. Watch this space.


Thud said...

A large or small log regulates my heating, imprecise but it does the trick.

Old NFO said...

Um... it might be worth getting the HVAC checked, you might have other problems that are contributing! I'm partial to 7 day programmables...


Jay G said...

Ooh, the Phabulous Phlegmmy *and* a Dragon Leatherworks holster? A match made in stylish heaven!

Ed Skinner said...

I do computers and the Internet all day so technology is my home turf. But my home thermostat is set to KISS - heat if below this, cool if above that. Yeah, it's digital but all the cute stuff is "No", "No" and "Hell No".
Get a good brand. Replace the batteries regularly. And forget it.

Douglas2 said...

I ripped an ugly overpainted Honeywell round thermostat ff the wall when doing renovation, thinking I would replace it with something modern.
Then I started doing my thermostat research. The reviews of contemporary "plain old" electromechanical thermostats seem to be a mix of people filled with nostalgia that they can still find such a thing and irate that a basic round thermostat can be so inconsistent in what temperatures it will decide to switch on-and-off at. Not only that, but by some accounts the current Honeywell T87 has a non-replaceable 10 year battery, which is unmentioned in the box and instructions!
So if you can't find an old-stock electromechanical thermostat that still contains a mercury switch, I think the best bet for temperature consistency will be an electronic digital model of some sort.