Thursday, August 18, 2011

one more post in the baby-step promenade

I haven't painted the primed corner blocks yet, but before they can go up, I needed to caulk along the edge of the ceiling where the walls meet. There are gaps of varying degrees, but some are quite significant, and I really think that's where a lot of air has circulated from outside (or TO the outside, depending on the season). I am hoping that by my birthday I'll have the cove molding up, so to that end, I have about a case of caulk laying about the place.

Wednesday night, I decided I really needed to do something-- anything-- that made me feel I moved forward with the whole task. I was in my skirt and knit top I worked in Wednesday, and I dragged a stepladder over and began caulking. I thought I'd just do one can-- one can would make me feel I'd accomplished something.

Well, I reached the end of that can and I still wanted to do more, so I opened up another can. I got a little better than half the lines done in the living room, and I'm pretty pleased with that. I killed a few skeeters, too, while I was up there. Didn't get any caulk spooge on my clothes, either. I am, however, running low on nitrile gloves. Yes, I buy those in the 100 pack, these days.

They are great, too, when you are working with messy stuff in the kitchen, too.


Christina RN LMT said...

Yay! Progress is very good. I'm almost completely unpacked now. w00t!

Thud said...

If I could make it to Texas, family OTW would make short shrift of the task!

Old NFO said...

Good for you :-) Progress you can SEE and appreciate, and one step closer to done!!!