Saturday, August 06, 2011

A dimensional portal that is sheer elegance in its simplicity

The Nerds goaded me to watch The Middleman, calling it a sure thing that I'd love the short-lived series. Local vid places didn't have it, and so I ordered it and it came in this week. I'm glad I bought it, because this is one I'll be watching again and again. My little pony, it's good!

It's so good, in fact, that I simply must have one of these dimensional portals that spirited DubDub to a parallel negative universe where she kicked wholesale evil-twin ass. The portal was naggingly familiar to me.

You know a show is good when you finish watching an episode and go back to watch it again with the commentary of the director and actors playing over the dialogue. Turns out the role of the portal was played by an Italian bread bin by Alessi, the Gnam.

I am SO getting one of these! I don't think I'll spray paint mine metallic, though. And it'll be handy for those interdimensional bread moments wherein new life forms emerge. Now, do I want black or white opaque, or transparent blue or orange? Definitely transparent. I'm thinking of blue.


Peter said...

Watch out for the interdimensional bread mold . . .


Anonymous said...

I'd suggest a model made of purest Carpathian wood, if available. Just in case.

Stingray said...

Sands of Zanzibar, that publish button looks like the preview button if you're moving too quickly. Above was me, not an anonymous malicious puppet.