Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday morning notes...*

So I'm painting the ceiling in my soon-to-be bedroom.

I've not got a paint-plop in my eye, but I did have a touch-and-go on an eyelash when I was doing the kilz last week.

What I'm wondering is if Leonardo da Vinci was such a braniac and all that-- designing helioclopters and whatnot, and an artist as well, why didn't he invent safety goggles? I mean, I know there was a decided lack of plastics in that era, but they def. had glass. I'm just saying.

I wonder if people like LdV and Picasso, as young men, had friends, family ask them to help paint the house. I can hear the conversation:

Uncle Oswald: "Hey mate-- you paint, right? How's about you help me paint the salon?"

Picasso: "You'd like a fresco, perhaps? A frieze?"

Uncle Oswald: "Ew! No! Eunice wants beige."

Picasso: "*flaccid*"

They prolly came to cringe hearing the phrase "you paint, right?" Sort of the percursor version of "I'm moving-- hey!!! Is that your truck?"

* 'tis perhaps the fumes.


Thud said...

As a builder/contractor I hate it when friends and family move house...I just know what is coming.

Old NFO said...

The fumes AND the boredom....LOL