Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Read about Madeleine Albright's strategic brooch deployments

Did you know Ms. Albright has a new book out on her clever use of brooches to make pointed statements in the international arena?


From the review on Amazon:

It would never have happened if not for Saddam Hussein. When U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Madeleine Albright criticized the dictator, his poet in residence responded by calling her "an unparalleled serpent." Shortly thereafter, while preparing to meet with Iraqi officials, Albright pondered: What to wear? She decided to make a diplomatic statement by choosing a snake pin. Although her method of communication was new, her message was as old as the American Revolution—Don't Tread on Me.

What??? Hussein was a dictator? Who knew?
If Condi Rice wrote one on footwear, well, I might bite, but methinks this one's a bit of a stretch.


Zelda said...

Yeah. A real badass, she was. What statement was she trying to make with that stupid cowboy hat she was wearing when she shook her moneymaker for Kim Jong Il?

Anonymous said...

Considering her non-impressive record while serving as US Ambassabor, I'm non-impressed. Except for herself, who cares? Did she do much for the US?

Now John Bolton, he's a different story.

B Woodman

D.W. said...

It's too bad that guys don't notice that type of subtle message...

Guys just think she likes tacky jewelry.