Saturday, October 31, 2009

I am honored and humbled... see a pair of earrings I made in a photo Brigid took for her post on Storing Valuable Things.

Oh, and here's my disco mirror skull and the squid and anchovy snack treats from my cube. My co-workers politely declined my offer of baked squid product snacks-- they perhaps did not wish to appear too greedy.



drjim said...

Which ones did you make for her, phlegmmy?

OrangeNeck said...

OOOOH, squid and anchovy treats!!! YUMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!! Where can I get some of that?

Home on the Range said...

I didn't take that photo, one of the gun bloggers with a better camera did. But that was the best picture I had with the earrings in it.

I get compliments on them everytime I wear them.