Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday, Puppy Sunday - Yard dogs

Saturday I went to Dallas to see Mom and Pop, so teh puppehs are in the capable hands of dear ones back in Elsewhere. I miss their happy furry faces. It's a terrible thing to be away from one's dogs, however briefly. They always bring me back to earth and make me see what's really important. Plus I do love them so very dearly.

I arrived in Dallas midday Saturday and went to Nordstrom Rack with Mom and Niece and Nephew. There's been a staggering attrition rate on my (prescription, yet!) sunglasses lately, so I looked at the glasses at NR, but, alas, all the ones I liked were 80-ish dollars, marked down from 300-ish[Dior & Dolce&Gabbana], generally. If these will be chewed up, I vowed, I'd not spend so much. My prescription is very mild, so I don't really have to have them unless I want things to be very sharp when watching a movie or somesuch. I needed some clothes because most of my stuff is getting pretty baggy, lately. I found a gorgeous leopard print dress [rowr!] and decided to splurge. Then in line for the register, Mom said she wanted to buy my stuff for me, and the dress could be early birthday prezzie. Wow. Thanks, Mom! Serious prowling can not be long in coming...

Later I went to Ross and found a cute pair of $5.99 glasses. Just watch- the pups will leave those alone forever.

Also at Ross, I tried on an armful of clothes, and was faced with the freakish dilemma of everything fitting quite nicely and having to divvy the haul into will/won't buy piles. It was painful, truly. I put 5 garments back and bought 5, so split the diff, or whatevs. Anyway, I'm all set. 3 skirts for work and 2 pair of jeans.

Thinking my dear friend Lin would be supportive and happy for me, I called her up, gushing about my new jeans. (I know: thrills, right?) She said "you're the only woman I've ever heard so excited to get into her own pants."
Knew I could count on you, smarty-britches! *snerk*


Anonymous said...

U friend Lin just caused me to spew coffee over the screen and keyboard.


Thud said...

My mother on our trips to Ca loves to haunt Ross....if you ever need an additional shopping partner let me know.

Zelda said...

I also laughed at Lin's comment, but empathize with you except that I was literally excited to fit into my own pants. Not new ones, just ones I own.

Zelda said...

Oh geez! The actual meaning of Lin's comment just flew right on by and hit the tree outside. I'm obsessed with weight loss right now.