Sunday, September 28, 2008

Barbara Bruederlin, my own very favorite Bad Tempered Zombie and fellow music entoosiast is next to fall prey to my series of

Shopping For Others.

I do, I really do try to pay a bit of attention, and although I completely mis-fired out of the box when suggesting the cost of Roberta X's Ann Demeulemeester boots could be defrayed by them being shared with a less-than-delighted Tam,(woopth!) I do want to assign shoes to people for whom they would bring delightments and other assorted nice sensations.

In that spirit, I remember Barbara fairly horrified over the ideer of heels. Here, then, is my compromise:

Wingtip Oxford from Robert Clergerie in (I believe) satin and nubuck suede. Om nom nom. *slurp*

I have to say that when I worked for Steamin' Carcass, in a blissed-out shopping haze I blindly stumbled into the shoe department during Last Call (their ultimate mark-down sale) and on one of those 30/30 sale days they have for employees (30% off and then 30% off that price, net effect being around 50% off marked price) and ended up laying out a cool $100-ish on the most gorgeous pair of shoes I've ever owned-- and the finest, which happened to be by one Robert Clergerie, originally priced in the $500-ish range. They were oxfords immaculately wrought by hand of a dove-colored leather and with a chunk heel. They looked like the oh-so-practical shoes my great granny Smith wore, and that the ladies of her generation were wont to wear, albeit with an updated twist. They were so well-made that I had cat's paw soles put on when the leather got a little worn, and I had the cat's paw replaced two more times. I walked all over campus in them and stood through long opera rehearsals with none so much as a bit of foot discomfort. In truth, those RC shoes are pretty worn looking and much-loved by now. I haven't worn them in years, but they will hold pride of place as the non plus ultra of my shoe collection, and they are one of two pair I will never get rid of.

So, in the spirit of appreciation for a finely wrought pair of shoes, I present Barbara with these lovely oxfords, which I recommend she only buy if she has the cash on hand, because I don't want to be responsible for anyone racking up high-interest credit, including myself. Or maybe she can wait for the markdown sale at Bergdorf's.

Marvy stuff. Cool, stylish, and even a bit on the arty side for a real music afficionado.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Oh, they are perfect! Grey is my favourite colour, and they look ever so ideal for dancing at concerts.

Thanks loads for the shoes, my darling, even though I was led to believe that shopping for others meant actually laying down the cash for said items, harrumph.

phlegmfatale said...

barbara - Glad you like them. You know, if I had the money to spare, I WOULD buy all shoes for the appropriate party. I'd like to have these shoes my ownself. *le sigh*

Home on the Range said...

I'm glad you still like me, having no shoe fashion sense whatsover.

My shoe experience comes in. .

brown. . black. . and uh. . no that has biohazard on them.

breda said...

I like those too - I'm borrowing Barbara's shoes!

phlegmfatale said...

brigid - I'll try and find the perfect balance of form and utility in a shoe for you. And shoe sense notwithstanding, what's not to like about you? You're one of my heroines!

breda - They are oober-cool, aren't they? I can see them with a girly version of a dove-gray tuxedo, or some such. Very Thin White Duchess.