Monday, December 12, 2005

I am in high dudgeon for this immaculate pair of John Fluevogs. I love the black/cream, but the cappuccino/pink is muy delicioso. I have hell to pay (taxes) by Dec 31 and I can't get these lovelies until after New Year, but then, look out. I'll be twisting it around town in these bad puppies like Helen of Troy with her ass on fire. WOO HOO!

--oh - remind me later to tell you about the shoe fetishist who approached me once in a bar in England. Good stuff!


Kim Carney said...

OMG, I guess that means a shoe-shopping-trip to Seattle! And I can finally go back to the bookstore across the street!

phlegmfatale said...

A trip to Seattle to see you is always in order, darling! I think I'm ordering these over the net next month, though. Actually, if I lived that close to a Fluevog store, I might have a lot less money in the bank... It's a sickness, and they don't make a patch for quitting, thank goodness.