Sunday, February 05, 2012

The Inner life of the cell

Harvard biologist worked with animators to create this animation of aspects of cellular function. Golly, we're all so busy on a cellular level, no wonder we get tired!

The complexity is mind-boggling. THIS is why I'm so frantic to learn this stuff. I love the bit with zipper-like action of the microtubules-- looks like a knitted tube, or an Ndebele-style woven tube of beads -- really cool!

I'm pretty sure some Mitochondria made appearances in Ghostbusters, too.


Roscoe said...

Think big -- go for a graduate degree. You'll be bored before long as a floor nurse.

The novelty of my chosen career path wore off after about a week in my first "real" job after college. Fortunately, thanks to *one* community college class in the subject, I was able to fake my way through an interview for a job in a related field which allowed more creativity in how things got done.

Anonymous said...

"I, a universe of atoms, an atom in the universe." ~Richard Feynman

I remember my head exploding in one of my biology classes when I realized the truth of that quote. :) Now I'm lucky enough to be working in a lab that attempts to visualize/image some of the tiniest components inside cells -- and they are even more incredibly beautiful than I imagined!