Thursday, February 02, 2012

7 is a magic number.


I get up for work about 6:45 or 6:30, having usually gone to bed about 11-ish.

I studied several hours last night and felt drowsy, so at 10 I did as the puppies suggested and crawled into bed. Foolishly, I brought my entire stack of books, about 20 pounds of the things, and thought I'd get some more reading done. I was asleep almost right away and then woke up about 5AM, so apparently 7 is the number of hours I naturally want to sleep. Or maybe it's just a deeply ingrained habit at this point.

I must say that it helps working from home. No mad scramble to get gussied up and schlep into town through traffic, etc. Then again, it hardly merits calling traffic what happens on the roads here. I do love that aspect of provincial life. In Dallas, I lived at one point 11 miles from my work, and the drive to work would take 20 minutes down the toll road in the morning, and the drive home could take anywhere from 35 to 50 minutes. It was freakish to make it in 35. Taking all that stuff into account, getting ready and driving, would add 2 hours to my work day, compared to here.

Someday I'll be a nurse and I won't be working from home, where I have a sweet puppy to scoop up and hold on my lap if someone is being nasty to me on the phone. I don't make a high salary by any measure, but having little doggies around is massive value-added. :)

Threw up a wee post from my iPhone yesterday which I think did not appear here? Hmph.

In other news, going to the NRA convention in April. *giddy* That's going to be fun. :)

Are you going?


Jess said...

I commuted in Houston for about 9 months. After it was over, I realized how much I hated the entire process and vowed I'd avoid it every chance I could.

Old NFO said...

Yep on the NRA :-)

Matt G said...

"Are you going?" Mayyyyybe.

Monkeywrangler said...

Nope, not gonna make the NRA Thing this year. We did go the year it was in Kansas City though. That was fun!


Jay G said...

I'll be in St. Louis in April! Looking forward to meetin' y'all...