Sunday, February 12, 2012


Tried to post an update from my iPhone yesterday but it was being cantankerous, so no updated went through.

Last week was another mad rush per usual, and I had a 1 page paper on a sleep disorder due by midnight on Friday for Psych class. I was much occupied with A&P studies and test for the week so I didn't get it done before I went in for the performance on Friday night.

I had the germ of direction for the sleep disorder (I chose insomnia), but really had not written same. PLUS, I had to refer to partculars on a sleep disorder website for stats to cite, etc. Got home from performance about 10:40, composed the little bugger and hit the submit button at 11:14.

Got a 100 on the paper, I learned yesterday. YAYs!

Yesterday I went to my other university site and found out I made an 80 on my A&P I test, and my heart grew wings. I'm sure that I benefitted from some sort of curve, but I'll take it, and I'm vowing to do still better. Thanks again for all the reassurance, folks. You were right, and I apparently did better than I'd feared. *whew*

Will get a pupdate up before today is over. It's cold and teh puppies are particularly cute and cuddly this morning.


Guffaw in AZ said...

We've had NO DOUBTS!

Vinogirl said...

I have benefitted from the 'curve' also, but it always felt wrong!

Roscoe said...

Are classes over by May 6?