Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday, puppy Sunday: puppehs mit beets

Himself had never eaten properly prepared fresh beets, a situation which now has been rectified. On the advice of brilliant cooks Stingray and Labrat, I wrapped them in foil and baked them for about :45. Then I let them cool a bit and simply served with goat cheese. Himself liked them, and so did I. Teh puppehs wanted some but other than a few goat cheese crumbs, they were deprived.

It was a marvel how beautifully the skins peeled off the hot beets, and with a minimum loss of edible flesh. Yes, I have asbestos fingers. About 10 minutes into eating, I noticed steam was still rolling out of the beets and marveled that I'd handled them early. Probably one of those silicon mitts is not a bad idea for holding the beet as you peel.

Well, okay, they did lick the plates.

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Old NFO said...

Ah yes.. puppy pre-wash :-)

BGMiller said...

No beets for poor, starving puppehs?



When I cook at home the bad little schnauzers generally get a taste of everything. It's amazing some of the foods that they like.

Anonymous said...

No matter how beautifully presented, beets taste (to me) like dirt. Steamed, peeled and presented like a work of art-on-a-plate doesn't change the taste. I hereby gift you with my lifetime allocation of BEETS in all their culinary glory - live long and enjoy every nom.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I love beets, but admit to buying canned occasionally (the horror!) because my kitchen ends up looking like a slaughterhouse whenever I cook them from scratch.

breda said...

I roast mine with olive oil, sea salt, rosemary and balsamic vinegar. Very nom.

But I'm going to try the goat cheese for sure!

charlotte g said...

I love beets, especially fresh-pulled from the ground while still rather small, like new potatoes, then steamed and dotted with a bit of butter.....The thing about fresh beets and new potatoes is, indeed, a kind of earthy flavor that I really like. My DIL loves borscht with a bit of sour cream. Thanks for triggering some taste bud memories. Cooking for myself, I seldom get them. I am surrounded in the main by philistines.

LabRat said...

As you have likely already discovered, that red pigment does not break down during digestion, and is water-soluble. If that was news to you, er, surprise!

I'm glad these went well... after your conversation with Stingray, we had to pencil some in for us next to a steak this week.

breda said...

I am also interested in what is doing on with your fingernails. Glitter? Polka dots?