Tuesday, November 02, 2010

midgets and strippers and booze: oh MY!

You may have heard that Courteney Cox is divorcing David Arquette. Last week there was a video being bandied about where David was in a red satin smoking jacket with black lapels, champagne in hand and wallerin' onstage with a midget stripper. Yes, by all means-- google it-- it's actually kind of funny, but not funny the superior way the BritTabs want us to think.

Was it tasteless? Yes, rather.
Was it a questionable thing to allow to be documented? Probably, particularly for someone going through a dee-vorce.
Was this something that could be construed as erotic? Uh, not to me, but I suppose to someone else...
Did David Arquette do anything wrong? Not in my book.

I poked around on the internet and found something indicating that David Arquette wasn't just some random drunk at a party/stripper thingie-- he was the M.C. of an organized party, and in that capacity, I think it would make total sense for him to get onstage and act out with the other performers, a la Joel Gray in Cabaret, oui?

Anyway, I can't see a thing he did that was wrong-- this just looked like someone having a lark (however pitifully drunk he may have appeared). Is he free, white and over 21? Damn skippy. Does he have the right to go out and be a little obnoxious on occasion? That's a big 10-4, good buddy.

Speaking of bad behaviour, David's sister Patricia was at a movie premiere and reporters were plying her with rude questions about her brother's outlandish behaviour. Big Sis fired back:

"What's the worst thing you ever had happen to you? Do you ever masturbate? Have you ever had an abortion? Can you imagine these kinds of questions? Why do you think this is all right? It's not all right! Who here can live in a glass house that has made every right choice and everybody understands?"

I already really liked Patricia before, but I applaud her for being a good sister and handing it right back to the nosy photogs. And it's heartwarming that at a time when he must really be hurting, David knows a sister has his back. It's heartwarming to me to know that David has a sister like mine. :)


Jay G said...

So, are you saying that there are pictures of you with midget strippers out on the internet?


phlegmfatale said...

Jay G - Uh, is that what you want me to be saying? :P

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I've always like Patricia as well. She strikes me as smart and well-spoken.

FHB said...

He is who he is, and she obviously liked it, for a while. So I doubt she'd be shocked by this. Looks relatively innocent to me.

Old NFO said...

Good points :-)

KurtP said...

I understand your point, but it was David and Patricia (and the rest) who decided they wanted their particular glass houses.

Matt G said...

Kurt, you're absolutely right. But Phlegmmy isn't crying "Leave him alone! He's a Human!" She's saying: What's the big deal?

The guy's a comedian who made his name for being a little bit wheels-off. It would appear that he did his job that night, when looked at in context. Likely he was paid handsomely for it, too. As was the midget stripper he was drinking with onstage. (A new combination of words for this reporter to type, let me tell you.)

His sister Patricia's answer, while warming to the heart, was odd. It's questionable whether she is saying that the other two acts (abortion and masturbation) are questionable, outright wrong, or just private issues that are no one else's business. If it's the last (nobody's bidness), then I have to actually take KurtP's position in this; the man is a public entertainer, and chose to be a public figure. For heaven's sake, he was on stage when he performed thos actions. By definition, being onstage at a performance means that you're putting your actions out there for public scrutiny and, yes, criticism. Arquette's pretty bright, and knows this. Hell, it's the family business.

If she means that the actions are just questionable, and hey, haven't we all done some questionable things, especially during troubling times? -- then I'll completely agree with her, 100%. But I would have to disagree that masturbation would be questionable. I know a WHOLE lot of people in the world who could probably solve a lot of their problems if they would just "handle their own business" in private, rather than make fools of themselves trying to satisfy their sex drive at large.

But I give her a pass. It was an unprepared comment, in response to nosey, inappropriate questions from people who should have been covering the story that they were sent to cover, and not ask a sister about her brother, ambush-style.

phlegmfatale said...

Barbara - she seems fun, and more down-to-earth than most actors. Plus she won my eternal devotion in True Romance.

FHB - looks pretty harmless to me

Old NFO - you're so smart!

Kurt P - I agree with the glass houses thingie, but asking a person about their family member's behaviour is another matter, entirely. They weren't asking Patricia about her own behaviour and I think it's natural to be defensive of a loved one at a vulnerable time, whether they are a public figure professionally or not.

Matt G - Whether he's ultimately happy or sad about the divorce, I think he deserves to be given a pass on a bit of acting out. I think wallerin' around drunk onstage with midgets is probably a fairly tame palate cleanser after parting from a smug, sanctimonious asshat who withholds sex from their partner as a form of control. He could have gotten up to much worse... Give him time.

Matt G said...

Heck, Phlegmmy, I was pretty much giving him a pass across the board. :)