Monday, November 29, 2010

Nice pears.

Pretty maids all in a row.

In that special way I have, I managed to have a grand time at Mom and Dad's on Thanksgiving and remembered the deer head and my suitcase and my retainers and cell phone and cell phone charger, and managed to forget my handbag. *harumph*

So Friday night I drove back to Dallas, very nervously, and spent the night at the folks' house. I got up early Saturday morning and swung by Downtown Dallas' Farmer's Market for some fresh fruit and veg for putting by. Sunday I made a double batch of mild Cranberry Jalapeno jam, a batch of pickled sweet peppers and a batch of canned pears.

The pears were beautiful and they appear to have turned out nicely in the jars. I put a cinnamon stick in the syrup as it steeped while I was prepping the fruit, but it made for a bit of a mess in the syrup. (sorry, sweetie) Someone will just have to forgive me for that. I saw a tip online somewhere that you can use a melon-baller to neatly scoop out the big business of the core and the pips on a pear. Turns out, they're right! Looks super-tidy, actually.

Hopefully, they'll taste as good as they look. :) Sunday tally: 14 half pint jars of cranapeno jam; 5 jars canned pears; 5 jars pickled peppers. That's a chorus of 24 thrilling little jars snapping sealed. *smuck!* *smuck* Always makes me think of Smuckers preserves, because that sound is totally *smuck!*

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LynnS said...

Very nice jars of pears. (Aren't those little melon baller thingies handy?)

Glad you're enjoying the Cranberry Jalapeno Jam. I'm wishing for "garden season" already!!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Looks divine! I've never put up pears, but I have jarred brandied peaches, back when we lived in the land of plenty. I loved the little hit of summer that I got that Christmas, dipping into those jars. I suspect your pears will do the same.

Slimbolala said...

They look fantastic.

Old NFO said...

Any pear preserves??? :-)

JC said...

Lovely tone-shaped pears.

Matt G said...

In my opinion, the pear is one of the most under-appreciated fruits --nay, foods-- in all of the pantry.

I need to get my wife to make another batch of pear butter, which she does so. Very. Well. She just created the recipe out of whole cloth one day when we came upon 20 lbs of ripe pears. Swap?