Saturday, November 27, 2010

Jayne's Hat Costume at DragonCon

Found this costume of Jayne's Hat over at Poorly Dressed FailBlog, but I do not concur. Considering all the abysmal get-ups folks get got-up in for Halloween or whatever, I think this one is actually made of Win. It's funny, and kind of cute, in a scary way. I know a lot of folk are rabidly fond of Jayne, but this is mebbe a bit much. Still, she's having a good time, it was a clever idea and well-executed, in my opinion.

JAYNE: How’s it sit? Pretty cunning, don’tchya think
KAYLEE: I think it’s the sweetest hat ever.
BOOK: Makes a statement.
JAYNE: Yeah, yeah!
WASH: A man walks down the street in that hat, people know he’s not afraid of anything.
JAYNE: Damn straight.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to dress up as Inara's anything!


Miz Minka said...

Hahaha! When I first saw the thumbnail for this post on my blog updates page I thought she was dressed as candy corn... Jayne's hat is even better, though!

Maven said...

The only way I could love this more is if there were a YouTube video of the construction of the hat. Massive!