Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Breda asked what was on my nails in the beet photo. That was Saturday and two manicures ago, so I've enlarged the photo. I painted a base of Sinful Colors Tapping Nails and layered on two coats of NYC Starry Silver Glitter on top. Tapping Nails is a very bright orange. Starry glitter has holographic micro glitter in silver with larger flecks of pink and blue hexagons that look a little dotty. It's fun to layer them and see what you get. Keeps it interesting, too. Oh, and the NYC glitter stuff was just .99 at the drug store. I feel like I have the fingernail sensibilities of a pre-schooler, and that's alright with me. :)

I'm betting the glitter would look A-mazing on top of my gunmetal gray. OH! Gray with glitter and then a matte layer? Hmmm... I've gotta go paint my nails.Add Image

See ya!


breda said...

Thanks! I love Sinful brand!

breda said...

Currently wearing Sinful "Daddy's Girl" - purple jelly with pink glitter, btw

Maven said...

I vacillate between Sinful Colors and Opi. Been sans color on my li'l piggies for a while (trying to repair my nails). Next color will be "Linkin Park After Dark" by Opi.