Saturday, November 13, 2010

Heaven on a plate.

Previous missive found me waxing euphoric on an omelette.

Okay, this was glorious beyond measure.

I confess a predisposal to affection for Sophie Dahl because she bears a striking resemblance to one of the most gorgeous creatures on earth, my lovely niece C. But this recipe for an omelette tribute to author Arnold Bennett was more than a bit enticing to me. She showcases this as a home alone-day-style indulgence, but I think this is the most glorious omelette ever, and may finally inspire me to invest in a proper omelette pan. I poked about the 'nets and found a bit about this omelette, but I do think the Miss Dahl's lemon zest definitely improves the entire affair, plus the association with her excessive adorability makes it all the more delectable, in my humble opinion.

Himself is working tonight, but I've asked him to bring a colleague for a properly decadent breakfast of this omelette after his shift in the morning. Lucky me if they say yes, for I shall have a second helping!

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Keads said...

Ah! Thanks for clarifying that for me!

Anonymous said...

Wow.... I may never have an omlette at Denny's or IHOP again.
That was .. art. In a pan.

BGMiller said...

1st.) I will have to look into Miss Dahl a bit more. Good food, good technique, and quite pleasant to watch.

2nd.) I've earned my living as a cook/chef ever since I left high school. The best omelet pan for the money I've found so far was from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. It was an EmerilWare "promo" (actually made by AllClad) that I got for $20. Basic seven inch pan with a non-stick coating. I actually went a bought half a dozen to use just for Friday omelet bar at work. I got two good years of heavy use out of them before they got relegated to "lesser" purposes. And by heavy use I'm running out forty to fifty omelets in an hour and a half.

If you do get a dedicated omelet pan treat it gently. Never let metal touch the cooking surface. Don't over heat it. Don't run it through the dish washer. And keep a towel over it when it's in the cabinet.


phlegmfatale said...

Keads - Good!
Anonymous - I thought so! And while it's quite rich and I wouldn't want this omelet every day, I do think that when I crave omelet, this is the one I'll crave

BGMiller - thanks for the info. I'm an All-Clad whore, btw and I wash all my best things by hand, anyway. I will follow your advice. But why teh towel over it in the cabinet?

BGMiller said...

The towel just keeps it safe from accidental scratches and such. It also helps keep abrasive dust off the non-stick. Here in tall corn country during planting and harvest we'll get a film of dirt everywhere and after a while wiping it out of a pan will kill the non-stick.

You might be getting two posts from me back to back. Just as I was about to send the previous one thirty pounds of schnauzer landed on my lap as it scrambled to the window. Apparently the squirrel in the front yard has caused much offense and needed a good speaking too. When the fury passed so too had my post. I'm not sure if it got sent, erased, or what. Whichever makes less sense can be consigned to the rubbish pile.

Oh...and when it comes to flipping omelets try using dry rice or small beans to practice. It takes a gentle, flowing motion and if you're doing it wrong the beans will bounce out. Messy, but cleaner and safer than oil and hot eggs. :)

Matt G said...

Pretty, well-spoken, a good cook, artistic, and Roald Dahl's grandaughter.

A blessed lady.

steff66 said...

That looks amazing. When I crave an omelette, I immediately want to hop a jet or two and go to Becky's in Portland, ME. Lobster (fresh off the boat) and swiss. Fresh blueberry muffins and coffee. Heaven.

Love Ms. Dahl as well but wish she would eat her way back to her pleasingly robust figure. How many times do you hear that???