Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday, Puppy Sunday: intruder alert.

Praline was very wound-up and fretsome over an intruder last weekend. I had to pop into the back yard to see what had her so agitated.
The wind was blowing and its helium had not quite gone all off, so this mylar balloon bobbed gently at the base of the fence, taunting one Jack Rascal. Both pups were leery of the balloon, but while Praline barked her brains out, Chuy growled steadily. When they finally got hold of the balloon, they mercifully dispatched the poor thing forthwith, not prolonging the suffering, and all.
After the initial deflation, I got the balloon and string away from them so they wouldn't choke, but for a few minutes it was wild times. It's nice how dogs remind us to see the excitement in banal and silly things. Bless 'em!


Zelda said...

Cute story. Those dogs are adorable.

Wai said...

After they popped the balloon and inhaled the helium, did their barks get noticeably higher?

Christina LMT said...

Ugh, that balloon looks frighteningly like a clown wig. No wonder the puppies were aggressive and agitated! Good dogs!

Vinogirl said...

It was a golf ball for the Vinodogs, this morning, that refused to stop rolling around on the hardwood floor of it's own volition. For me, pure unadulterated canine-caper watching.