Friday, October 30, 2009

Mostly, I'm a good little veal...

...but today my cube is decorated for the season, and when I get to work, I'll put out my be-glittered skull. I denuded the desk of the usual flotsam and jetsam, but there remains a few post-its. Post-its of death! Cube of terror!

Alas, poor Yorrick!

Halloweeny. Good times. Tried on my wig last night, and it looks plenty hot.


More to follow.


Roscoe said...

Mrs. Roscoe had an outfit all ready to go for today when her group practice sent out a memo yesterday that declared (I'm not kidding) Halloween to be a pagan holiday and explicitly banned all costumes.

Anonymous said...

Looks as if you haven't worked there in awhile. Such cobwebs!

With laughs. ANd fun at Halloween.
B Woodman

Anonymous said...

Double, double toil and trouble for Mrs. Roscoe's group practise.
Freedom of religion and all that.
However, my son-in-law was forbidden to wear his kilt on casual Friday because "it sends the wrong message."
Will we ever escape the Susie Soccermommies of the world?
Elswhere PhD

Rabbit said...

Wednesday through tonight all the megachurches around Swamp Manor have huge inflatable bounce houses, food carts, and other such 'safe, family friendly activities' set up for their 'Fall Family Festivals'.

Odd way to celebrate New Years, if you ask me. Maybe they're afraid of something.

Oh well. More candy left over for me.