Thursday, October 29, 2009

Stuff we love but can't afford...™

The exquisite jewelry of Turk Sevan Bicakci has ever been droolworthy. All one-of-a-kinds, his lapidary work is nothing short of astonishing, with intricate carvings from the underside, as pictured below.

A handful of his pieces are available at Barneys New York.


Jon said...

Very, very nice. My wife loves, and wears lots of jewelry. Her reaction to both pieces would require a napkin to wipe away the drool.

Anonymous said...

I find the excessive gumglook around the stone detracts from the intricacy and beauty of the stone. Too much of a good thing.
Elsewhere PhD

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous. This is the kind of talent and artisan skill I've always wanted to have to be able to create pieces like that.

Maybe someday, when I'm retired (or close) & the children have moved out & things have settled down . . . Yeah, right.

B Woodman

Brigid said...

Nice - I showed a picture of the earrings you made me to Laura (Troopers Gal). She LOVED them.

I own little jewelry, all I own with the exception of a diamond tennis bracelet an admirer bought me (uh, that does not impress me, I'd rather have had a new 1911) is in that photo with my reloading post.