Monday, October 12, 2009

In which life folds back in on itself...


I had for my last several years in Dallas posted photos quite frequently on Dallas Diorama. I had a goal of daily photos, but generally fell short. I put quite a few nice photos up, though, and it was fun. Lately, I still I get comments which must be spam. They are generally in kanji, katakana and hiragana. No doubt, they promise to enlarge my manhood in various languages I do not speak.

Every once in a while, though, I'll get a comment on a post I did on one of the courts buildings in Dallas. I misattributed the photo, though. The photo was actually of the George Allen Courts Building, but I thought it was the Earle Cabell building at the time I posted it. Silly me. The reason I know it's the George Allen building is that over a year ago, I had an appointment of my very own in this structure. Next time I visit Dallas, I'll take a photo of the actual building and then on the blog I'll have to insert a photo of the actuall ECCB, and make a note of my error. However, what I wrote about the history of Earle Cabell was spot-on. From the post:

Early evening, downtown at the west end of Commerce, which is a one-way street.
That's ironic, isn't it?Anyway, I looked up Earle Cabell on wikipedia and found
he had sort of a double tie-in with JFK. Earle was mayor of Dallas from 1961
until 1964, and during his tenure something famous happened here. Oddly, Earle
was the brother of deputy CIA director Charles Cabell who was forced to resign
from that post after the atrocious Bay of Pigs debacle. Big coincidence, isn't
it? It's easy to see how conspiracy theorists must have obsessed over these
little nuggets...
I moderate the comments on my blogs so people don't have to do the word verification. Sunday evening someone left a comment there and I nearly deleted it without even reading it, out of habit.
Just saw on the History Channel the documentary, Part 1. The Three Shots that
Changed the World. Real TV footage beginning with the President's breakfast with
the Chamber of Commerce at Ft Worth, then the flight to Dallas, deplaning at
Dallas and onward into the motorcade to the Dallas Trade Mart.I have seen every
movie, scene, book, theory etc. for the past forty years about the assassination
of President Kennedy but tonight I saw something new...a huge crowd awaited the
President at the Dallas Airport most to see the President and First Lady, but a
very large anti JFK crowd too including a huge Confederate Flag and Flag of the
State of Texas.This lead me to google the Mayor of Dallas at the time, hence
this comment on your web site.I am positive what really happened, that is, those
who planned and executed this assassination, is weider and more awful than veny
conspiracy theorists could imagine.

Quite. I'm quite happy to be living well away from that particular set of weirdness.


Roscoe said...

JFK was in Tampa on the 18th of November, 1963, riding in the same car as Dallas. The conspiracy theorists claim that the hit was supposed to take place here but didn't; everyone who tells the story offers a different explanation as to why.

The Klan essentially ran most of Northern Pinellas county (just across the bridge) during that era and we had a bigtime mob boss, Santo Trafficante, who held court in a bar near the west end of what is now, ironically, Kennedy Boulevard.

Mrs. Roscoe grew up in the Northwest so I had to explain to her last year why one drug company rep visiting her practice was kinda sheepish about admitting that she was part of *that* Trafficante family.

Rabbit said...

Hmmm...someone's got their duct tape on too tight.

Are y'all going to help me seed the Grassy Knoll with old obscure caliber brass this year in time for the November tourists?


TOTWTYTR said...

I think that someone needs to reline their deflector beanie with new tin foil.

Ironically, I'll be in Fort Worth on November 22. At the downtown Hilton.

I'll let you know if I see any ghosts.