Friday, July 01, 2022


 What? 2 posts in one year?

Yeah, surprise. 

Just thought I'd yank yer chain.

Found a beautiful poem today by Manoel de Barros.

O apanhador de desperdicios
I use words to compose my silences
I don't like words that are tired of informing
I like the ones that are face down on the floor,
such as water, stone, frog.
I understand the accent water has.
I respect things that aren't important,
and beings who aren't important.
I value insects more than I value planes.
I value a turtle's speediness more than a missile's.
I was born with tardiness.
I was equipped to like birds.
I am deeply happy for that.
My backyard is larger than the world.
I am a waste catcher.
I like leftovers, just like the flies do.
I wish my voice were a song.
Because I don't like informing,
I like inventing.
I only use words to compose my silences.

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