Saturday, April 21, 2018

Broken links.

The blog links will come back, but I won't have time to track them all back down until the semester is over and the dust settles somewhat. I am grateful to my dear friend Kim for sending me my images from the blog so they could be reinstalled, because for yonks just had advertising on my blog from the place that decided to hold my images hostage. 


Old NFO said...

What??? YGTBSM!!!

drjim said...

Were you using Photobucket? One of the car forums I go to a lot got really clobbered because most of the people posting stuff with pix used PB.

I don't mind setting up a new photo sharing service, but having to go back though the 3,000+ posts I have there, and relinking to the new images, will probably take me six months to do.