Sunday, July 19, 2015

Some of the best mother hens are fathers.

In a world that often serves up a parental crap-shoot in which you're lucky to get just one good parent, it's an embarrassment of riches to end up with two. I (and my siblings) won that lottery.

I've always said that Dad is a mother hen, but I chuckled mightily when I saw this photo of chicks seeking refuge under a rooster. Both my folks keep track of their chicks, and prefer when we're all back visiting the nest. They watch over us and take care of us, and they always have.

Dad's birthday is today, and words are inadequate to express how proud I am of him, and how much I love him. He and Mom are a rock for us, and we'll always be their babies. That's a great feeling.

Happy birthday, Dad. And many more. :)

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