Thursday, July 16, 2015

Several irons in several fires.

The summer continues apace, and all is going well with my jobs on campus. The work has become routine enough that I'm able to listen to podcasts during my tasks, and I look forward to re-listening to class lectures during the semester. I'll keep both jobs and continue them probably until I finish school.

I'm making a quick trip to Dallas on Saturday, and I'll meet friends for lunch at a wonderful Dim Sum place. I have a couple friends who have parents in the hospital, so I'm going to try to visit them, too, then swing by the house of a girlfriend whose White Russian Fig tree is bursting with ripe fruit. Sunday is my dear Dad's birthday, so I'll spend Saturday night with Mom and Pop and come home and make a fig/brandy jam recipe Sunday night, before those figs go plumb off.

Dinners lately have mostly been salads, and that's been refreshing after such hot days. Lately I never use a salad dressing, and instead put about an ounce of goat cheese on with mixed baby greens. I've also discovered what bargains can be found at Aldi's, and those bags of small colorful sweet peppers are about $2 less than they cost at the big grocery store. Those peppers cut into small slices make a wonderful combination with the goat cheese. A nice big tube of goat cheese is about $5 at Sam's, and it stays good for a long time. Yummy.

I've been doing lots of walks lately, mostly at night, but in the last two weeks I've slept better at night on days when I do my 3 mile walk  early in the morning. One neat thing about my jobs is that I do a fair bit of walking while I'm at work, so that pushes my mileage up considerably. My phone has a health app that keeps track of the miles you move on foot throughout the day.

I hope you're having a great summer, too. :)

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