Thursday, June 18, 2015

Summer in full bloom.

The summer has been busy, to say the least. From an array of options, I took a job at a library, and this has been quite fulfilling. Today I was asked by the head of another department if I would double my hours and work for him, as well, and I said yes, at least for the summer. My task on the new assignment will be largely brainless, and I'll be able to listen to podcasts and music the whole time. Plus a lot of the library activities are a workout for the arms and shoulders, so it's like getting paid to exercise and listen to music-- win/win, yeah? Today at work in 4 hours, I walked 3 miles inside the library. It's been the best job I've had since leaving Dallas. I love not being chained to a desk. :)

I've already received most of the books for a literature class in the Fall. I'm trying to do a little recreational reading daily, and also a bit of writing. It will be great if I have all this material read before the semester begins so I start ahead of the game.

The rains have been amazing, and many things I've planted are really thriving now. The drought restrictions in my area have been completely lifted, so this is a good thing. The rains have also meant that as compensation for permanently frizzy hair, I have to water my plants less.  I have a large pot of herbs out front, and I have two types of mint, a big basil plant, and a lavender. They are big and bushy and thriving. There's something so satisfying about grabbing a handful of this or that and using it in the cooking. :)

My salvia, rock rose and scullcap are all blooming great guns, but I have yet to see a hummingbird this year. Hopefully it's just bad timing, or maybe they went around this monsoon region on their way north this year. I wish they'd come gobble up some mosquitos. I'd settle for skeeter-gobbling bats, though.

I think this Fall will be the first time I've felt refreshed at the beginning of the semester. I hope so, anyway. I've got plans for more fun things with friends and family, so I hope I'll feel less out of touch with dear ones than I've been in years. I also plan to get a little sewing done. Huzzah!

Have a great weekend, and I'll try to post again soon.


Old NFO said...

But your frizzy hair is so cute! :-) (ducking and running for cover)...

Thud said...

I'd swop for summer in Texas!