Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A day too pretty to be easily upset.

This is not boasting, it's just the truth, and a quirk of Mother Nature's timing. Try and remember that when you're having your gorgeous 80 degree summer heat and it's 115 degrees here. We sometimes go straight from our mostly milquetoast tepid winters directly into 100 degree blasts of summer days, so when we get Spring, even if it's in January, we tend to celebrate it. I know that some friends who will read this are house-bound in sub-freezing weather with two foot drifts of snow.

The weather is wondrously lovely today, heart-achingly so. 74 degrees.

My one class of the day ended at 9:20, and I've been studying and cleaning. Half my windows are open. Gorgeous music has been playing all day on my Harold Budd station on Pandora. The puppies are stationed at  open windows, enjoying the smells through the screens. Mochi is been barking too much, but I approve of exuberance in its many forms. The pretty day has been a treat for the doggies, too.

I've picked up about 4 more pounds of pecans.

I went to the store for dinner fixings, and the little old lady in line ahead of me was unhappy with the bag arrangement of her things, the cashier said she'd fix it, but the little lady hobbled off in a fume. I checked out quickly and rushed to catch up with the little lady. I'd arranged my bag and purse in one hand so I had a free hand to help her. She turned from frowning to beaming. I think sometimes old folks feel so marginalized that they just expect to be ignored and disappointed. Anyway, she said it was so kind of me and kept smiling. It was no trouble on my part-- it was an extra minute I got to be outside on a beautiful day.

Dinner is in the oven and is smelling amazing. It's been a beautiful Spring day. I know there will be more cool weather and likely some extremely cold weather yet this winter, but I hope we get a whole raft of more days like today.

Here's a gorgeous piece of music that played on my Pandora station.

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Jedi Master Ivyan said...

I'll have to vicariously enjoy the Texas spring. It's cold here, but at least not as brutally cold as last year in Wisconsin. Enjoy your pecans!