Monday, August 11, 2014

Extra pups, just because.

I probably posted this before, but it's so cute that it bears repeating. I think this was about a year ago, or so.
My house is small, and I have NO closets. Trying to get things shifted in the extra bedroom so I can hopefully have one built by two or three Heroic Fellows this weekend. Fingers crossed that this works out. I'm taking a lot of stuff to a charity bin, and with help from Himself, I've hauled 4 pieces of furniture in to the antique market, and I hope I sell some or all of that this weekend. Trying to clear the decks and reduce chaos.
I've done a tremendous amount of cleaning and organizing lately, and the pups have been very supportive and helpful.  Today, though, we had a rainstorm this morning and me and the pups stayed in bed, snuggling until about 9am. That was beyond wonderful. :)
School starts two weeks from today, and this afternoon I met with a study group to bone up on psych meds and dosage calculation, because we'll have assessments on those early in the semester to see what we've retained. I've got a fair bit of studying to do, but I admit I've dawdled on Facebook quite a bit in recent days. That will have to be curbed dramatically and soon.
I have 17 months until I'm finished with school - December 2015. Yes, I'm counting. I have 3-6pm class on Mon/Wed, Mental Health clinical on Tuesdays, and I'm on tenterhooks awaiting news of my Med/Surg I clinical assignment. I really do hope it's not a weekend assignment, particularly because it will interfere with plans for Blogorado.  Holding my breath on that one.
Sad news today on the death of Robin Williams.  His perpetual energy and sparking mind always made me suspect he felt very sad and was reaching out desperately, trying to please others and to make it all okay. I'm sad he felt that checking out was the only way to fix things. He brought tremendous amusement to the world as he tried to work through it. R.I.P. and NaNu NaNu, Mr. Williams.



Jennifer said...

Now you've got me holding my breath too.
You are SO CLOSE with school. You're going to rock these 17 months

Old NFO said...

Good luck with the closets... :-)

Jeff F. said...

That's one thing I miss about my dogs...their sweet little ears! Great photo.