Thursday, July 03, 2014

One horizontal surface has been cleaned! Huzzah!

I've been working several hours on cleaning the house after my own ADD fashion. This means I work on one thing for a bit and then I carry something back to where it belongs in the house and start cleaning over there. It makes for a general survey sort of cleaning, but hard to get it all done, like, ever. My buffet, though, has been cleaned. I'll dust that surface along with others when I get back from the gym and the grocers.

One of my problems is that I usually have two or three projects going and they tend to devour any horizontal surface.  The taller ones are important for projects because of small, pokey things that Mochi might swallow - they need to be well out of her reach, since she is a Devourer Of Worlds.

I've been hankering something rather cuisinee, so I think I'll make these with dinner tonight.

Yum. Stinky cheese!

Still drippy-rainy out. This is wonderful. It's also not 100 degrees today, which is also welcome. However, if it gets up to 85 or 90, it will feel like a sauna. But all our skin will look dewy and fresh, yeah?


Jennifer said...

Horizontal surfaces are all doomed in my house. I will clutter them. I think I need to make all of my furniture slant.

Le Conteur said...

Oh, my goodness...I thought I was the only one who "cleaned" like that! I seem to never, ever get one place actually cleared-only to stuff it up again! Congratulations.

Le Conteur

Old NFO said...

LOL, one step at a time... and yeah, they'll eat ANYTHING that hits the floor or they can get to...