Monday, July 07, 2014

And just like that... summer is half-way gone, as is half the year. Why do the school semesters not seem to melt away so quickly? Indeed, the semester feels like a long stint trapped in a vise.

The summer has been good, though. Back at the old job while the knee continues to mend - feels close to normal these days - so it's good I didn't get the job at the hospital for which I hoped, because I wouldn't have had time to properly recover.  Spinning class is great, and it's stronger all the time, and hurts less every day. Come to that, I don't think it hurt me at all today, and that's a first since late Feb or early March when I tore it to begin with. And speaking of the job, even the occasional clock-cleaning I get from customers doesn't touch the hem of the garment of nursing school stress.  I'm not making light of problems, and I certainly do all I can to resolve them, but I am certainly not bringing home any stress, at least!

Looking forward to a trip to Dallas to see my folks and to go to a concert in a few weeks, and that should be fun. I need to set up appointments to see my orthodontist and dentist while I'm there. So much to get done before the summer's over.  School starts August 25. Kicking and screaming. I don't want it to get here so soon! 


Old NFO said...

Enjoy the break and reload... :-)

Jennifer said...

I'm not ready either, and I'm not even going to school! Enjoy your break.