Thursday, April 10, 2014

Just a quick update...

I may write more later, but my day is primarily consumed with school work.  I have my dosage calculation final in the morning and that leg of the semester will be done, so Huzzah!  I've done well on those, so I expect a good outcome.

I've got a lot of wrap-up work to do for my clinicals and that sort of thing. Those are elements of which I'm confident of passing, so they are really no sweat.  NOT that I'm blasé about them, but simply they are areas in which I'm the least shaky.

I have a test in Pharmacology on Monday that is mostly pulling focus right now.  Pharm has been a disaster for me, I will freely admit.  It's been tremendously frustrating. Never before have I felt the need for a "for dummies" version of something, but it's been quite defeating. Everything is so heavy and profoundly important to make sure you don't accidentally hurt a patient. It's stressful.

Got fantastic news on Tuesday when I went with a fellow student to discuss our research project with the professor.  The class is online so we'd never met her before. Turns out she is very impressed with our work, and said if we wish to do further literature reviews for submission to journals, she will be our faculty sponsor/editor, if we would like. She also suggested that we may wish a Nursing professor to sponsor us instead.  I'm a dance-with-the-one-wot-brung-ya sort, and while some are extremely supportive, I'm not sure the nursing faculty have the time or inclination to sponsor/edit for students for this sort of thing. Anyway, wrapping up the semester right now is the priority, but it's nice to know the prospect looms for the possibility of research in my field of interest, and it was heartening to feel like a faculty member was actively excited about my prospects. :)

The pups are absolutely sweet, cuddly lambs. They've enjoyed many sun-bunny moments in the beautiful spring weather lately.  I try not to leave them in the sun too long, though, because I don't want them to get skin cancers or such-- do dogs get those? I'd rather not risk it.  Mochi has figured out how to harvest water bottles from my bedside table, so I have to chase her down and confiscate those occasionally. I'm eternally policing whatever she is chewing on at any moment.  Funny girl.  Chuy is a love-sponge, as always, and Praline is my little straight-A student, angelic girl.

Had a lovely dinner out with dear friends last night, and it was a nice break in the frenetic pace of everything.  It's incredible how jam-packed my days are, and all I'm doing is school.  Nursing school runs one ragged.

I've applied for a couple of summer jobs and I'm hopeful to hear from them both-- applied for part time so they won't be in conflict. One is a patient assistant at a large hospital that's just 12 hours / week, and the other is my old job at the company where I worked the past several years. If I get the hospital job, I will keep that throughout the remainder of my school in order to get more experience in the hospital setting. Fingers crossed.

Also went to another dear friend's house on Sunday to watch Game Of Thrones, as I don't get any sort of television at my house, let alone HBO.  SO thrilled it's back on - this is my all-time favorite show-- I love the complexity of the characters, but I also love how many strong women are power players and even warriors, and how a couple of the foremost have unwavering moral compasses (Dany and Arya). In spite of their history, though, I hope that Arya evolves to not want to kill the Hound.  He could have killed her summarily a thousand times over and has not, and though it's buried deep, he has his own moral code as well.  Anxious to see what happens on Sunday night, but for now I'm off to work on a research project. 
Have a great day!


Jennifer said...

Very exciting with the further research/reviews! And best of luck on the job front.

Roscoe said...

This series will be the next big British TV export to the US. Highly recommended, especially if you like strong female characters.

Try to wrangle another dinner invitation for June 22. :)

Old NFO said...

Glad things are going well!!!