Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Um, maybe McDonald's workers DO need a raise...

The customer is always ri--  wait.  On second thought...

[profanity alert]
I hope this is fake.  The audio doesn't sound right to me, but the video looks real.

McNugget Rage.


People say and do pretty terrible things to folks working in customer service.  Living in the future is a little ironic, because since I was a tiny kid, Dad always said "don't ever do anything you'd be ashamed to have on the front page of every newspaper in the world."  At that time, of course, such a thing was absolutely not possible, but it was a very valid rule of thumb: don't do things you'd be ashamed to own publicly.  Period.  This video won't end up on any front pages, but I hope that people who know this woman call her out on her bad behavior.  There is no such thing as anonymity, and odds are, any acting out you do IS being documented in some way. 

We live in a graceless age.  There is a good possibility the woman in the video would not be ashamed if confronted with this video.  She was having a bad day over something, and I can guarantee you it wasn't the McNuggets, but the minimum wage guy at the window or the woman at the laundrymat or the disembodied voice at the end of the phone is a great place to dump a lot of baggage.  I've been angry about something before, but I've never felt entitled to abuse another person who was just trying to do their job. People should think twice before they say and do hateful, horrible things to other people.  I think the big brother thing of cameras and recordings everywhere is creepy, but that's another issue.  People who behave in monstrous fashion should be held accountable.

I hope that McDonald's is prosecuting.  They must have her license plate in their surveillance archives.  I know it's unlikely, but I hope this woman is ashamed of herself. 


Jennifer said...

Her ultimate form? Is she a werewolf?

Anonymous said...

We live in a graceless age.

You said it! :-)


Buck said...

"Wow" is right. Amazing, and NOT in a good way.

Thud said...

Manners maketh the man.

Windy Wilson said...

My cousin's second husband is known throughout the family for being able to find some way to complain to the manager and get his meal and generally the meals of his table comped for some affront or offense or slight. I won't eat with him because they are usually so slight I am embarrassed, even though I'm putting myself out a good sum of money.

And it isn't just a graceless age, we live in an age without honor, so complete that people not only don't know they are acting dishonorably, they are not aware they even could have something called honor which would put their relationships with other people into a brand new and wonderful state.