Saturday, March 16, 2013

Gee thanks, .gubmint!

In a haze of post-osteotomy drugs/swelling/pain, I dragged myself and a passel of papers in to my usual tax preparer in late January. Okay, self, I sez, I should get a refund within 6 weeks or so, right? Right?

Well, one of the forms I had to file was for credit for all that college I paid for last year. Because my classes were divided between two different schools, I didn't qualify for tax-deferred loans that would have given me at least a sane interest rate(and possible deferred payment), but, needs must, yeah? It's all for the cause.

So I couldn't help noticing the chick in the veal cube next to mine at work got her tax rebate a few weeks ago, and a couple of weeks after she filed, and several weeks after I filed in the first place. I went by the tax preparer's office yesterday to axt them what was going on, and they said the .gub's software had a problem and didn't recognize all the info on the forms submitted and I should be getting a letter.

Letter came today: whoopsie! two lines appeared to be not filled in on the form, so I hied my furry white tail down to the tax preparer's office, where the nice man showed me that we'd already filled in those two lines. Turns out that the IRS forgot to notify their software people to add these lines in THEIR software. The tax preparers got it right, but the .gub's computers didn't recognize the information. This has been remedied and I've received the acknowledgement that they've received the full information now.

Here's the kicker: I should expect my refund in 6 to 8 weeks. From now. So, in other words, my refund this year will come 13 to 15 weeks AFTER I filed it. Somehow, I don't think they'd be as flexible on timing if I owed them an additional tax payment. This inconveniences me tremendously. I'm rather peeved.


Jedi Master Ivyan said...

With all the last minute changes to the tax code, this kind of thing was bound to happen. Shame.

Sorry, it's going to take so long to get your money back.

Old NFO said...

It's not going to get any better either... sigh...

Robert said...

I filed the EZ form- I made this much, you took this much, done. I received a letter saying my return is being subjected to "a thorough review as part of an on-going program to ensure accuracy" because the IRS didn't like my reported income or my claimed deductions or my claimed credits. It's the EZ form! There're, like, just two numbers on it- income and tax. Jeez. The IRS gave me permission to send them a letter if I don't hear anything within 60-friggin-days. grrr

Kristophr said...

Stop loaning the government money.

We pay the dead minimum we can get away with. The goal is to owe the government somewhere between 0 and $500 ... not to give them money interest free.

If you need to, put some money away in your own savings account to pay the tax bill.

Robert said...


I stopped paying attention to the IRS when I had below-the-poverty-line income. Didn't file for three years after my ex-wife (my ex-tax-preparer) told me there was no need to file as they owed me. Turns out the rules changed- ya hafta file no matter what. They penalized me for giving them an interest-free loan. I'm starting to not like the gubmint so much.

Anonymous said...

And just think, our Healthcare is about to become just as efficient!