Monday, February 04, 2013

potentially wonderful orthodontic news!

Saw my orthodontist Monday, and he said there is very little left to do to adjust my bite. He said he may be taking my braces off in two months. Tonight I have the usual complement of ouchy from the power chain he put on my upper teeth this morning, but I figure I can handily endure 8 more weeks of this if that's the end of it. Also, when the braces come off, my monthly treatment bill drops by $123, and I sure could use that boost.

Monday I have my 9 week follow up with the surgeon. I'm still not 100%, but I'm getting better all the time. This week I'm on half days at work, and I expect the surgeon to give me the go-ahead to start 8 hour days on next Tuesday. A full paycheck will be a refreshing change, too!

On the school note, Chemistry is quite challenging, and I think I have a great aptitude for the abstractions therein, but I shall have to work ardently to memorize the elements formulae and anion/cation details, and dimensional analysis is tough, but doable. I've found a couple of study partners and we'll begin meeting on Thursday. I think this is a great development, because repetition is very important in this kind of work.

I've filed for my student loans for nursing school in the Fall. Income Tax was filed Jan 28. Feels like the duckies are lining up a bit. :) I apply for nursing school in a couple of weeks and I've got to take my HESI soon, but I'm not worried about that one.

Of course you know I'm fond of them, but every day I see my little dogs is a day of joy. I get so overcommitted and caught up in deadlines and my headless-chicken routine that I have vowed to take more time to be grateful for those shiny brown button eyes on the puppies. They don't worry about deadlines (other than meal time and the imperitive of the power nap), and they don't waste time fretting over mortality or piddle-spots on mommy's rugs-- every day is a new day to romp and play and snuggle. There's a lesson in there somewhere, and I'm trying to learn it and keep it fresh.

Viva les puppies!

Have a nice day of your own, tomorrow, and take a moment to cherish something that beautifies your day. :)


Andi said...

BIG thumbs up on the ortho treatment news--so happy to hear and CONGRATS! Hope the back-to-work is going well, and that the transition to FT is smooth, too.

I like your looking for the things to be grateful for on a daily basis theme... Emily Dickinson provided some helpful words to help me keep this in mind (I have this plaque posted at my work desk):

"The little things are infinitely the most important."

Enjoy your day!

Steve said...

That is wonderful orthodontic news! I'm assuming you'll have a retainer or two for a while to keep the teeth from reverting to their previous positions.

J.R.Shirley said...

Congrats, good luck, and puppy power!

Jennifer said...

Hooray! The end is in sight.