Monday, February 25, 2013

Allow me to catalog my achievements:

This weekend was my Mom's birthday, but she persuaded me to come to Dallas early next weekend (I have orthodontic/surgical appointments there Monday morning) and spend more time with her then when I'll be driving out anyway, rather than making a trip both weekends. Timing was a bit of a juggle, and I ended up switching the emergency phone from work to this past weekend instead of next(I was going to pass it off to a coworker on Sunday afternoon). It worked out. I was sad to miss Mom's actual birthday, but we're going to gather next Saturday night and celebrate her wonderfulness then, and it will be great. We've been texting and I said how I should have posted how wonderfully caring she was to me when I was recovering from surgery. She really was an angel, and Dad, too. She was very attentive and so sweetly mushed up my food in a food processor so I could gulp it down while I had no possibility of chewing. Come to think of it, I owe you all a post-surgery post. Will get to that soon.

So, the emergency phone kept me house-bound all weekend. In between phone calls, I cleaned out the front passenger side floor of my car, and a portion of the back seat. This was a larger undertaking than you might imagine. I cleaned out the catchall/whatsit drawer in the chest close to the door in the living room -- another deceptively tedious task. I washed/folded/sorted more clothes than I will wear in two weeks, and they are hanging, drying, etc. I filled two bags with clothes I don't or can't wear anymore that have been lingering about the place. Those bags are going to a coworker whose daughter lives in a women's shelter. I have to say sending her clothes that I know will be immediately worn and appreciated vastly outpaces the use I have for a receipt from a charity shop that I will likely misplace well before income tax time the following year. I have a HUGE bag of paper refuse for the free giant shred bin at work. THIS is a huge accomplishment, too.

Trying to pare down and give away what I can let go of without missing. Feels good. My house(and car, too) is a long shot from organized or tidy, but at this rate, I may get all my ducks in a row before I hit the half-century mark! ;) ...but don't hold me to it!

The yarn, however, I shall continue to hoarde. Don't judge me.

Oh, and the emergency phone from work? It was nutters. I had several hours of constant activity on Friday and Saturday, and several bouts of intense attention to a few customers on Sunday, which will net me significant uptick in my next paycheck. This doesn't break my heart.

Sunday was beautiful and I left the back door open for the pups to run in and out in the 68 degree afternoon. I'm grateful for all that is sweet and sustaining in my life, and I'm happy to let go of a few things that can help other people. All in all, if I have a roof over my head and I get to snuggle up with my little doggies every day, well, life is wonderful. :) Everything else is gravy.

Chemistry is still hard but fascinating. :)


Old NFO said...

Good for you on the direct contributions... I'm sure you're right and they will IMMEDIATELY be used.

Jennifer said...

That's a great feeling. Less clutter for you and direct help to someone else.
Trying to do some de-clutterfication around here. It's such a big job.

Anonymous said...

Decluttering is a never-ending project at my house too -- the Green Magpie is a packrat bordering on hoarder, so there's always more stuff. Alas, at least in my craft room there is floor space to be found. And one can NEVER have too much yarn!!!! :D

Purple Magpie