Saturday, October 27, 2012

An actual three-dog night.

First cold night of the year and right now it's 33 degrees. I busted out the electric blanket ( thanks, Mom and Dad!) and set it at 80% for about an hour before bed. At bed time, I turned it down to 40% so I'd have some heat but not have to turn on the house heater. Saturday will be in the 70s, after all. The pups darted under cover and did Nary a whit of their usual bedtime tussle. I awakened at 4am with all three pups on top of the covers, pinning me under, and I was hot. Turned the blankie down to 2 and they are back under it. Nice to have the warmth boost at first, but one hates to go overboard. Plus, I sleep better when it's not uncomfortable to have my little furballs snuggled up.

Life is sweet. Winter is a favorite, because it's happy time for cuddling with my little pack.


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Old NFO said...

Now if THEY just had thermostats... :-)