Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I have created a monster!

At Blogorado last week, I kept singing (badly) that eardrum-piercing melisma from Minnie Riperton's 70s classic song Loving You. One morning at breakfast, we were all at the tables and Ambulance Driver was missing. One after another, several of us called him to ask where he was(just running a little late). I peeled some paint off the ceiling with that distinctive run of notes from Loving You, and he (on the phone) and the entire room around me fell completely silent and I said "don't be self-conscious, AD-- nobody's listening to us." More laughter. Yes, just one of those special moments from Blogorado. It was even better in person(except for my singing - ugh).

Matt can't get it out of his head now, poor man. Tsk tsk. He told me "Wife has been unhappy 'bout the song, too. Apparently, I just don't have the range. :)) "

Practice, practice, practice, Matt. Carnegie Hall will see you yet! And we all want to hear you sing that again.

btw - did you know that Minnie Riperton was the mother of Maya Rudolph? At the end of this song she sings "Maya, Maya". It's rather sweet.

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