Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Computer is back up. WHEEEEEEE!

I've gotten a lot done when it's been down, though, so it's not been all bad. Thanks to Tolewyn for getting it recombobulated. :)

I've sewn a bustle (which I'll probably show here soon) and a chemise, and I may make a couple more small things tomorrow.

The weather has been gorgeous and it's generally been a relaxing vacation so far. Thursday I head up to Colorado with Himself and other friends to hang with the cool kids at Blogorado. The one cloud to spoil my silver lining is separation from my pups, but I think I've found a nice doggie place to board them. They will be able to have their own indoor pen with an outdoor run to share together. The boarding at the vet's wouldn't allow them to be penned together, and that seems going a little far and to add unnecessary stress to the separation from their people. Anyhoo, I hope they'll be more comfortable at this place.

Good to be back online. :)


Old NFO said...

See y'all soon!

Jess said...

They'll be great. When you return, they'll look at their doggy watch and see it's been forever since they last saw you. Their affection will be enormous.

Vinogirl said...

I don't understand why some places won't board 'related' dogs together.